Geotech, one of the pioneer private sector companies in Sri Lanka undertaking geo-technical investigations. was founded in 1979 by Dr. A P Jayasinghe. The company has  over the years introduced  new,  more accurate testing  methods, ensuring  high accuracy in the geotechnical data provided to the clients.  Geotech employs experienced and competent technical staff  who are skilled in the handling of modern equipment. They are ably assisted by a skilled labour force

The Geotech Group comprises of the following companies

Geotech (Pvt.) Ltd

Geotech (Pvt.) Ltd is the principal company of the group Geotech has successfully conducted soil investigations for many major infrastructure projects in Sri Lanka as well as in the Maldives.

Geotech Testing Services (PVT) Ltd

Geotech Testing Services (Pvt.) Ltd. having pioneered the introduction of electronic pile testing technology for the construction industry in Sri Lanka has subsequently introduced the following state of the art electronic technologies of testing the soundness of driven concrete piles

Group Engineering Laboratories (Pvt) Ltd

Group Engineering Laboratories (Pvt) Ltd is a fully equipped soil laboratory offering a wide range of Chemical, Mechanical and Physical tests on samples of Soil, Rock, Aggregate